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I created Power Women Investing because I wanted to take my passion of empowering women to a higher level. With over 20 years of financial planning experience, I have often seen how the financial planning industry fails to adequately address women's unique needs and perspectives.  Women live longer, earn less, and head far more single-parent households than do men.  Many married women still defer much of their financial decision making to spouses. Yet nine out of ten women will handle their own finances at some point in their lives. I want to help them better prepare for this inevitability. 

- Tiana Ronstadt, Founder of Power Women Investing

We're not just for women

When women take initiative with their finances, they sometimes confront a male-dominated financial planning industry that does not speak to them or cater to their needs. At Power Women Investing, we provide the kind of supportive and personalized service that women prefer, coupled with an emphasis on education and empowerment that women crave. 

However, 80% of our clients are married. It's simply the women who are initiating the appointment.

Everyone needs a plan for the future. We offer levels of service for every background, age, and income level.

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"YOU are enough. Who YOU are is enough. What YOU do is enough, and what YOU have is enough."

- Tiana Ronstadt, Founder of Power Women Investing